Monday, January 29, 2007

playlist for september 13, 2006

barryy white - it's only love (doing its thing)
marivn gaye - trouble man
curtis mayfield - do do wap is strong in here
gil scott-heron - ain't no such thing as a superman
joe bataan - shaft
the R&B classic funk band - thanks
lee fields - rapping with lee
DJ einstein and ugly duckling - haves and have nots
too short - the ghetto
isaac hayes - do your thing
bobbi humphrey - chicago damn
fred wesley and the new JBs - I wanna get down
the propositions - afrika
the rhythm machine - the kick
the politicians - everything good is bad
donovan carless - be thankful for what you've got
michael jackson - billy jean
billy ocean - carribean queen
prince - kiss
jay dee - strange funky games and things


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