Wednesday, January 30, 2008

playlist for january 30, 2008

bonus for live respect - superfly meets shaft
curtis mayfield - little child running wild
gil scott-heron - angel dust
the rhythm machine - the kicks
latimore - let's straighten it out
black merda - ashamed
bobby womack - how could you break my heart
eddie kendricks - girl you need a change of mind
leroy hutson - lucky fellow
the sugar hill gang - passion play
mickey & the soul generation  - we got to make a change
mark IV - you black and I'm black
marie "queenie" lyons - I want my freedom
staples singers - trippin' on your love
 della reese - compared to what
people in the news - color me
sundown - spaced outaa place pt. 1 & 2
blackbyrds - flying high
JBs - get up and drive your funky soul
dalton francis - I got a groove
the undisputed truth - you make your own heaven and hell right here on earth
donny hathaway - voices inside (everything is everything)
24 carat black - brown baggin'


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